Top 7 payroll software solutions to use in 2022

Top 7 payroll software solutions to use in 2022

Businesses of all sizes would need to use payroll software to ensure that they can manage the payroll calendar accurately and file the company’s taxes on time and correctly. Here’s a look at some of the best payroll software available in the market.

1. Gusto
This payroll software has three main payroll plans. You would need to pay about $39 per month and an additional $6 per employee for the Core plan. The software has features such as automatic tax filing that can be pretty beneficial for firms that need to file taxes in more than one state. It can also automate the payroll calendar, which can be pretty helpful if your firm engages the services of a lot of independent contractors.

2. OnPay
This is a payroll software option for small businesses. The best thing about this software is that you have access to all its features in a single plan that would cost you only about $36 and an additional $4 per employee a month. With this software, you can create various schedules for payroll. However, if you have a lot of employees based outside the US, this might not be the one for you. You can contact the excellent customer support available online or via the phone for any queries.

3. Patriot
This payroll software is considered among the best for startups and small businesses on a budget. It is one of the most affordable, costing just about $10 a month and an additional $4 per employee on the Basic payroll plan. If you want tax filing help, you would need to upgrade to the Full Service payroll plan. However, with the basic plan, you can run unlimited payrolls at any time, and it is also simple and easy to use.

4. Block
This payroll software, formerly known as Square, is a good choice if you employ many contractors. The one main plan offered is priced at the reasonable rate of just $29 a month with $5 per month per employee. However, if you are paying contractors, you can pay just $5 per person without the $29 monthly fee. This makes it ideal for seasonal businesses that can save money in the months that their services are not that much in demand.

5. ADP
This is probably the brand that offers the most choice for payroll options and plans, ensuring that it meets the requirements of all businesses, whether large or small. The Roll or Run plan is a good choice for small businesses, whereas the Workforce Now plan is a good option for medium and large enterprises. The least expensive plan is Roll, which starts at $29 a month, plus $5 per employee. Depending on your plan, you can get help with filing federal, state, and local taxes.

6. SurePayroll
The basic Self-Service plan here costs about $19.99 per month and an additional $4 per employee, whereas the Full Service charge is about $29.99 and $5 per payee every month. The premium version helps you with your state and federal taxes. Local tax filing is offered for an additional charge. This software comes with a 2-month trial period that you can use to figure out if it’s the one for your business.

7. Intuit QuickBooks
Keep your employees happy with the quick, direct deposit offered by this payroll software. The basic Core plan offers next-day direct deposit, whereas the Premium and Elite plans provide same-day deposits. Monthly costs start at $45 plus $4 per payee for the basic plans. If you use the QuickBooks software for accounting, then this one should be your choice for payroll. This will help you manage a few of the many different aspects of your business from one place. A trial period of 30 days and help with federal, state, and local taxes is offered.

There are plenty of options for payroll software; choose the one that has the tools and features keeping your budget in mind.