Top 7 medical billing software

Top 7 medical billing software

Medical billing software assists hospitals and clinics with patient billing and invoicing. It simplifies billing-related workflows, ensuring the process goes on smoothly. The software also manages patient filing, insurance coverage verification, code claims, and hundreds of other essential but tedious jobs. This article lists the seven best medical billing software out of the wide range of available options. We’ll discuss their features to help you choose one that suits your needs.

NextGen Office
Popular medical billing software by NextGen Healthcare, NextGen Office is best for those in private practice. The software is cloud-enabled so that you can access it from anywhere via your mobile (Android, iPhone, and iPad) or desktop (Windows and Mac). You can easily print statements, share them electronically, collect patient payments online, and do a lot more. With NextGen Office, you also benefit from round-the-clock customer support through email, chat, phone, and even Live rep. The provider offers customizable options and even a free trial!

RXNT is another cloud-based medical billing software, best for medical billing professionals, physician practices, and healthcare specialties of all sizes. The feature-rich software streamlines the billing process, speeds up reimbursement, and improves efficiency with the help of customizable dashboards and templates. The best advantage of RXNT is that their CBO-level reporting is included at no additional fee, ensuring you stay on top of revenue flow. You can access it on mobile and desktop and enjoy prompt customer support. The price starts at $65/month/user, and there’s no free trial.

InSync Healthcare Solutions
This medical billing software is suitable for various professional fields, such as behavioral and mental health practices, community and government health agencies, general/family practices, clinics, pediatrics, and many more. The top features of InSync Healthcare Solutions include code and charge entry, customizable dashboard and templates, compliance tracking, and reminders. The software is customizable, but there’s no free trial.

CollaborateMD is an easy-to-use medical billing software suitable for practices of all sizes. The key features of their monthly base plan include real-time claim submission, claim follow-up and tracking, appointment scheduler, patient payment plans, secure internal messaging, and a lot more. You can also customize the package to add other handy services. However, the best advantage of CollaborateMD is their transaction-based pricing module that allows you to pay per transaction.

CharmHealth by MedicalMine is a comparatively small but compact medical billing software perfect for ambulatory setups and small to medium-sized healthcare practices. It’s IPAA compliant with features like dashboard view, reports and analytics, A/R management, claim submission, electronic remittance advice, and a lot more. Customer support is more than satisfactory, and the platform is available on Android, iPhone, and iPad. That’s not all. You can also save money by opting for the free version.

Kareo Billing
Kareo Billing is best for physician practices with up to ten providers and billing companies with up to 100 providers. The software has a user-friendly homepage with details, confirmations, and reminders. The features include claim tracking, billing analytics, billing tasks, scheduling, billing dashboard, eligibility checks, insurance enrollments, patient portal, and everything you need for successful operations. Plans start from $125/month.

EpicCare EMR
This medical billing software works best in a range of professional medical establishments, such as hospitals, clinics, medical organizations, academic centers, health providers, specialty groups, and even independent practices. EpicCare EMR enables paperless billing, online bill-pay, and self-service payment plans. Further, it helps you automate revenue and coding, avoid missing charges, and consolidate patient balances into a single statement for simplicity. One drawback, however, is that there’s no free trial or free version. EpicCare EMR supports Android, iPhone, and iPad platforms and is customizable as per your needs.

Medical billing software provides a tremendous amount of relief to healthcare practitioners by automating several manual tasks, thus saving time and eliminating the risk of human error. It’s best to use such software to improve efficiency keeping technological advancement in mind. Indeed, it’s a true life-saver!