Features and prices offered by the top domain registrars

Features and prices offered by the top domain registrars

Domain registration companies that take up the responsibility for registering and managing domain names for all websites around the world. So, looking for the right company that provides domain registration is crucial. No matter how big or small your business is, you can get in touch with domain registrars that offer domain names. Let’s take a more indepth look at seven of the most popular domain registration companies in the country.

This company is one of the most popular domain name registrars in the world. You can get access to various domain management tools that include private registration, free WHOIS, bulk registration, privacy protection, easy transfers, email forwarding, easy DNS management, etc. If you are a WPBeginner, the company offers a 25% discount on domain products. Domain registration rates start at around $3 and can go up to $10.

The company is known to offer valuable domain registry services. You can buy a .com domain from here at around $13 a year. It also offers a shared hosting plan that starts at around $3 per month. In case you want to go for privacy protection, you might have to pay an extra cost of around $12 per year. You can consider Bluehost in case you have a tight budget and are registering a domain for personal information.

Another famous company that you can consider for domain registration is Namecheap. Other than offering competitive pricing, Namecheap makes the entire purchase process easy and hassle-free. You can purchase a domain name for a period of 10 years, and this way, you won’t have to pay around $13 as renewal charge repeatedly. Namecheap is a unique and user-friendly domain marketplace that allows you to buy and sell domains. You also have the option of 24×7 live chat support in case you need any assistance.

Another one that you can pick for domain registration is HostGator. It not only sells domain names but also offers free domain bundles with its hosting plans. Here, a “.com” domain can be purchased at around $13. In case your preferred domains are not available, HostGator can offer you alternative top-level domains. You can also claim WHOIS privacy protection by paying an additional cost of around $15 annually.

GoDaddy has a huge presence online and it manages millions of domains. It also offers benefits such as a 30% discount on new domain extensions and 50% discounts on popular domains. You can go for domain registration here by paying around $12 a year. You can choose from more than 100 subdomains and get the perfect web address for your website.

Hover is a comparatively new domain seller that offers “.com” sites at around $13, “.org” at around $14, and “.net” at around $16. The company is known for its simplicity and provides support to its customers via live chats, emails, and phone calls. It also offers email addresses with their domains, which is a great option for you in case you need a professional email for your business.

Last on the list is DreamHost, a popular web hosting service provider and domain name registrar that offers free domain names. You can even go for domain registration by purchasing hosting through them for around $9 a year, which also includes free private registration. Other than shared hosting, it also offers WordPress hosting.

Generally, domain registration can costs around $10 to $20. There are thousands of domain registrars in the market, but it is advisable to select the top ones so that you can be assured of reliable services. Some domain registrars in the market are for both small businesses as well as large companies. They offer reasonable pricing and have all the features. The right domain registration company is one that has a good support system and offers a reliable network infrastructure.