Check out the 7 best CRM software for businesses

Check out the 7 best CRM software for businesses

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help small and new businesses to streamline various processes, which improves the service being offered. There are quite a few CRM software that are available in the market depending on the size of your team, your budget, as well as the tools and features you that best suit the requirements of your organization. This article discusses seven of the best CRM software for businesses.

HubSpot CRM
This is one of the best CRM Software for businesses and is available with a completely free version. However, not all features would be available. HubSpot CRM is perfect for small businesses as this software will let you organize and track customers. It can send personalized emails to existing and potential customers and can be easily integrated with Gmail or Outlook. This CRM software also allows integration with apps like Shopify, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce. This software comes with a 14 day trial period and you can contact the helpful support team via live chat, phone or an online meeting.

Zoho is probably the most popular CRM Software for businesses. It has plenty of features that are perfect for sales and marketing. The voice-enabled AI of this software can be used to forecast business trends. Also, the detailed analytics reports that are generated can be used to make decisions that are backed by strong data to move the business forward. There are various team collaboration tools that can help with data entry and built-in security features to keep data safe. You can also easily assign team roles and use the mobile app while on the go.

With a range of CRM Software for business especially for small businesses, this one has strong sales features and an interface that is user-friendly. Priced at about $15 per user a month this software comes with a 21 day trial period and phone and email support. You can also easily access client records via a computer or on the app and integrate them with Gmail and Outlook.

If your organization uses Gmail and Google Workspace then this CRM software is the one for your business. With this software, you can easily import and export data. You can choose from the Solo basic plan starting at around $15 a month which is good for small teams or professionals who work on their own. Larger teams can choose the more expensive Pro plan priced at around $50 per user a month. This software will let you manage your contacts, track your client emails and monitor leads.

Among the biggest and best CRM Software for businesses, Salesforce offers advanced customization options and a long trial period of 30 days. It can integrate with many apps and offers eCommerce capabilities on all devices. The Salesforce Essentials plan starts at about $25 per month per user; however, the free plan is recommended for single users.

This is one of the best tools for sales management thanks to its ease of use and hassle-free setup. You can automate certain tasks so that you don’t waste time and can streamline sales and marketing in a single tool. This makes it easy to visually view and manage sales data. Integrating it with email makes it easy to access all sales information from a single place. Both iOS and Android devices are compatible with this software.

This CRM software is a great option for single entrepreneurs and small businesses. It has essential tools that are necessary for lead capture, contact management and client invoicing. It can be easily synced with Gmail and Outlook and can be used to easily schedule meetings. The automated text message feature can be useful to reach out to customers and streamline customer communication without any hassles.