7 top-rated project management software

7 top-rated project management software

Project management software is highly useful. It helps keep a tab of every task and assignment. It also helps teams and project managers fulfill client requirements by assessing deadlines, budget, and scope constraints. Whether you’re an individual or a small startup business, a multimillion-dollar company with a stellar project portfolio, or anything in between, it is now possible to find the perfect project management software. Listed below are some of the top-ranked project management software.

Trello (best for beginners)
With a simple interface and a generous free tier, Trello is ideal for individuals and small teams to get started with basic-level project management. This project management software is based around the Kanban card-based management system, which makes it more flexible and free-form than the traditional tools. The cards of the software can include hyperlinks, due dates, attached files, images, custom dropdowns, and a lot more.

Wrike (best for speedy setups)
The primary advantage of Wrike is that a small to medium-sized project can be performed quickly using this project management software. This can be done without learning all the small details. The features of this award-winning software include Kanban boards, Gantt charts, custom request forms, and personalized dashboards. A favorite choice for many companies, this software effectively manages projects with multifunctional groups from a single location.

Microsoft Project (best for big projects)
Microsoft Project is still regarded as the preferred tool of many seasoned project managers. With its steep learning curve and higher pricing, MS Project is very much aimed at the managerial staff responsible for handling very large and complex projects. Enough time, expertise, and an adequate budget is the key here to getting the most out of this comprehensive project management software.

Basecamp (best for collaboration)
The specialty of Basecamp is that it picks many different features from other paid monthly services such as Slack and Dropbox, and consolidates them into one system. This project management software comes with an organized interface and powerful search tool. Also, a strong reporting suite allows the user to go as deep or wide as required.

Teamwork (best for powerful simplicity)
Unlike other dauntingly complex full-fledged project management systems, Teamwork is incredibly user-friendly, even with its full feature set. The simple interface of the app does an impressive job of surfacing useful information quickly. While tasks can be viewed here either as traditional lists or Kanban boards, the sensible menu options bring out the exact details. This saves you from flipping through multiple screens at a time.

LiquidPlanner (best features)
With flexibility and variations, LiquidPlanner has diverse offerings to many users. Along with all the features of traditional project management software, this powerful tool superbly performs as a helpdesk-style issue tracker and also a general resource management tool. It also includes an in-built strong reporting suite, integration with major cloud providers, and need-based Zapier support to build automated connections with other business tools.

Zoho Projects (best value)
Zoho Projects conveniently includes nearly all the standard features of a quality project management app, at an affordable cost. It also offers a limited free tier. Along with Zoho’s own suites of apps, the project management software is also strongly integrated with major market players such as Microsoft and Google. With Kanban lists, Gantt charts, and customized reporting, the well-featured set of tools can easily handle more complex project requirements.

Bringing strategy and teamwork together on one plane, project management software efficiently manage the entire workflow. From keeping records to tracking updates, project management software have now become a must-have for every type of business. Such software also help in accelerating communication, thus proving to be crucial at every stage of a business.