Top 10 AC brands to enjoy cool summers

Top 10 AC brands to enjoy cool summers

You must consider several factors while choosing the best AC brands for your home. Some of these include the overall cost to install the top AC unit, the lifetime of the unit, warranties on the AC unit, energy efficiency (SEER ratings), and the size of the unit required to cool your home (TONS). This makes finding the best AC brand difficult. However, to help you, here are the ten best AC brands you can consider.

American Standard ACs
American Standard ACs are one of the well-known AC brands. An American Standard 14 SEER AC costs from $3,575 to $6,178. The firm receives fewer service calls for its air conditioning systems than the industry average. This is a steal of a deal as you receive so much for your money.

Carrier ACs
Carrier is amongst the top AC brands for a reason. Their HVAC systems are top-notch, with prices ranging from $4,892 to $7,224. With more selections than other brands, you’re sure to find a suitable central AC for your home. Their SEER rating is 21. Carrier repairs are usually cheaper than other HVAC businesses. Expert installation of Carrier ACs is also available.

Goodman Central ACs
Goodman is another leading HVAC AC manufacturer that isn’t as well-known as Trane or Carrier. However, they are known for being affordable and a reliable brand with substantial warranties. They are one of the best AC brands on this list. Installing a Goodman GSX 14 SEER AC unit can cost anywhere between $3,188 and $4,275.

Trane Central AC Units
Trane is one of the top AC brands that make excellent ACs, heat pumps, and gas furnaces. Trane central ACs are noted for warranties, covering parts and labor. Installing a Trane XR14 with a 14 SEER rating would cost from $3,267 to $6,100.

Rheem ACs
Rheem central ACs are an excellent alternative for those on a budget. When installed and maintained correctly, Rheem units can last longer than any other AC brand with a SEER value as high as 20. The price makes them worth considering. The Rheem Classic RA14 AC can cost between $3,150 and $4,000.

Lennox HVAC Units
Lennox ACs are the most energy-efficient among all the top AC brands on the list. You may find models with SEER values as high as 23.5 with 98% efficiency. Installing a Lennox 14ACX series AC with a SEER rating of 14-16 would cost between $3,100 and $7,340.

York AC Units
York is regarded as one of the most incredible AC brands due to its low cost. Installing a 16 SEER York AC will cost between $3,067 and $5,200. The most efficient version, such as the York YXV with a SEER rating of 20, is more expensive. York ACs are recognized for being incredibly quiet.

Ruud Central ACs
Ruud offers economical HVAC systems with a comprehensive variety of heating and cooling goods. It would cost between $3,125 and $3,879 to install the Ruud Achiever RA16 with a 16 SEER Energy Efficiency. They also have components that are available across the country, so warranties and replacements are quick. They are often considered to be less expensive than other AC brands.

Amana HVAC Systems
Amana is a good mid-range option for those seeking 13-18 SEER units. Amana is regarded as having one of the best HVAC warranties in the market, and its compressors come with a limited lifetime replacement guarantee. Installing a 14 SEER Amana AC, such as the Amana ASX14, will cost between $3,854 and $6,345.

Heil ACs
Heil is another undervalued but excellent AC brand. This AC unit’s technology saves energy and increases overall reliability by synchronizing its performance. Installation of a Heil 14 SEER AC from their Quiet Comfort series costs between $3,562 and $4,465. Heil ACs can reach up to 97% efficiency and 19 SEER with a 10-year warranty.

While some AC brands provide great wall units and others produce unique entire home systems, all of the most accepted AC brands offer highly rated goods.