Top 7 student loans to consider

Top 7 student loans to consider

Education has become easy for students who want to pursue their dreams. Picking a course of your choice has become convenient due to the easy access to the right student loan. It acts as a significant financial backup. With the right kind of student loans, you can minimize the interest rates, making it easier to repay the loans after your education. Below are some of the best student loan options for you to consider.

Ascent Funding
When it comes to convenience, finding a loan that does not have strict cosigner requirements will be an easy one. Ascent is one of the few loans that come with this benefit. Without a cosigner, loans can be availed at comfortable repayment rates. It is one of the most reliable choices for undergraduate programs. The loans also come with additional benefits, such as a reduction in interest rates upon choosing an autopay option.

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
This is another great option for undergraduate programs. You only get to choose fixed interest rates. In a way, this makes the repayment more practical. The rates are also lower than most other loans in the market. To further reduce the interest rate, one can also opt for the immediate repayment option, where the installments begin within 15 days of disbursal of the loan. Though this one requires a cosigner, you can add to your existing loan for additional programs.

For those who need the perks of a private loan and the easy approval rates they come with, LendKey is a great option. You get to pick either fixed or variable interest rates for student loans. Both these loan types come with an autopay option. The requirement of a cosigner depends mainly on income and credit score. There is also an option to release the cosigner from the loan process if the student manages to make timely repayments for one to three years. The flexibility of this loan helps cover additional expenses besides tuition fees, such as boarding expenses, transport, and book purchases.

Sallie Mae
If you need a loan with low-interest rates, this is an easy option to consider. Students will have to bring a cosigner to avail the loan. But the process for availing of the loan and the conditions that the cosigner has to abide by, are all quite clear and easy to understand even for a first-time borrower. This is a great option for local as well as international students.

Splash Financial
This one makes a great choice for students who are looking for a flexible refinancing option. There is no upper cap on the refinancing amount and, thus, this one comes in handy even for large loan consolidations. Like LendKey, this also lets you release the cosigner after successfully repaying the installments for 12 consecutive months.

If you are looking for a lender that caters to both undergraduate and postgraduate student loans, this is a popular choice. You do need a minimum credit score of 680 to be able to apply for the loan. But there is a great level of flexibility regarding repayment, and the straightforward application process is another benefit. You can choose to apply for the loan without a cosigner and even pick from the varied career services they offer.

If you need flexible interest rates for managing your existing loans and convenient consolidation, this one is a good option to add to your list. Though it is not available in a few regions, it comes with a large refinancing limit and a wide range of tenures to choose from. As a result, you get to choose a tenure that reduces the installments and thus makes the repayment process simple for you.

These quick and easy student loans let you chase your dreams without worrying about the burden of complicated repayment terms or heavy interest rates. Along with some solid benefits, these are easy to understand and convenient to manage too.