Top 7 home-warranty providers in the country

Top 7 home-warranty providers in the country

Owning a home brings with it a whole lot of responsibilities as to its upkeep and maintenance. Home warranty programs are designed to help people lower their cost of maintenance by reducing the rate of reimbursment expended for repair and replacement services of home appliances and systems. Quite a few factors need to be considered before opting for a home warranty policy, including pricing, coverage options, and simplicity of filing claims.

Here are some of the best companies to consider for geting home warranties.

AFC Home Club
First on our list of best home-warranty companies is AFC Home Club. This organization is recognized for providing various home warranty options and has low service fees. There are four major plans offered to customers: system, gold, silver, and platinum. Each plan covers different home systems to fulfill the needs of the customer. For a slightly higher cost, there is an additional coverage available for pool and spa, central vacuum, stand-alone freezer, septic system, and more. This organization also lets the customer choose their technician or repair service and connects with them directly.

Cinch Home Services
Cinch Home Services is one of the few home-warranty companies that offer coverage for rust or corrosion. This organization offers a workmanship guarantee for six months so that customers get more value for their money. There are three home warranty packages on offer, with the first covering only appliances, the second for built-in systems, and the third covers both appliances and built-in systems. Plan pricing can vary, depending on the location of the property.

American Home Shield
American Home Shield is among the top home-warranty companies in the country and has been in business for many years now. This organization was set up 50 years ago and offers a wide variety of home warranty plans to ensure that it meets the requirements of all customers it also offers the option to customize plans as per individual needs. Amerian Home Shield brand allows customers to file a service request online or via the phone in case of an appliance or a system breakdown. Additional coverage for good pumps, septic systems, electronics are also available.

Liberty Home Guard
Liberty Home Guard is a home-warranty company that is available in 47 states across the country. It majorly provides three types of plans: appliance guard, system guard, and total home guard. The appliance guard plan offers protection to appliances, the system guard offers coverage for both electrical and plumbing, and the total home guard plan involves both appliances and systems. The firm also offers coverage for carpet cleaning, pest control, and more.

If you’re looking for a combination of home warranty and home maintenance services, your search ends with OneGuard. The company provides both these services so that customers get to achieve better convenience and save on time. Plans on offered include an appliance guard plan that covers everything from home appliances to pest control treatment. There is even optional coverage available for additional kitchen and home appliances.

Select Home Warranty
If you need a home-warranty company that can help you save a few extra bucks then Select Home Warranty is the one for you. This company offers low service charges and three plans that cover appliances, systems, and other maintenance jobs. The home warranty plans are priced reasonably so that people from all financial backgrounds can avail of the services offered.

Home Service Club
Home Service Club provides comprehensive coverage to its customers by offering plans that include services for all systems and appliances irrespective of their age, construction, and model. The company also offers a service guarantee of 90 days to its customers. It lets the customer opt for add-on coverage for a freestanding freezer, well pump, and more.

These abovementioned companies are a few examples that offer home warranties, ensure that you compare their policy details to make sure they provide the coverage you need.