5 best general liability insurance and what they cover

5 best general liability insurance and what they cover

General liability insurance, also called commercial general liability insurance, protects your business if you injure a third party accidentally. It is critical coverage, as almost every company faces some risk. Risk exposure is especially significant for firms that undertake dangerous labor or have a high volume of foot traffic, such as retail establishments or organizations that provide client services. Even small companies that attract a few outside visitors may need this.

This is because they receive deliveries or require the services of repair technicians—all of which might result in an accident. So, let’s take a look.

General liability insurance coverage

General liability insurance covers various sorts of liability, including physical injuries, damage to property, injury to a person, and advertising harm.

  • Bodily injury coverage in general liability insurance protects you if someone (not an employee) gets harmed on your premises or while performing work for you.
  • Damage to property coverage will compensate you if you cause injury to another person’s property as a result of your employment.
  • Personal and marketing injury encompasses many non-physical damages, including copyright violation, slander, defamation, and wrongful arrest, among others.
  • The general liability insurance provides coverage for goods and finished operations or if completed services result in physical harm or damage to property.
  • General liability insurance costs an average of $597 per year or $50 per month for small enterprises. Since the danger of property damage or physical harm varies significantly and is highly dependent on the kind of business, one of the critical drivers of insurance costs is the industry to which the firm belongs.

The best companies for general liability insurance

The following are the five best commercial general liability insurance companies, based on financial soundness, customer satisfaction, simplicity of use, and various other factors.

The Hartford

Both AM Best and Standard & Poor’s have granted the Hartford an A+ grade. The company provides liability coverage to businesses in various industries, including those with a higher risk of liability, such as producers, distributors, dealers, and importers. Risk engineering consulting services are also available from the Hartford, which can help to reduce risks.


Chubb is rated A++ by AM Best and A.A. by Standard & Poor’s, signifying exceptional financial health. Chubb is also a top performer in various J.D. Power satisfaction assessments for business insurance. Additionally, the organization provides general liability insurance for a variety of sectors. Chubb’s general liability insurance coverage may include a worldwide extension for enterprises operating internationally. Vendors and lessors are covered under the policy. Chubb’s advertisement and personal injury limits are not cumulative, and the company’s concept of bodily injury also covers mental pain, humiliation, and shock.


Hiscox has A ratings from both AM Best and Standard & Poor’s, indicating that the company is financially sound but not at the maximum degree of financial strength. This general liability insurance provider specializes in small businesses, especially those in the professional services sector. Its general liability plans offer coverage for electronic data liability, a significant concern for professional services firms. Additionally, it automatically covers temporary staff.


This general liability insurance provider offers endorsements tailored to specific businesses, such as production, construction, housing, and architecture, which provide the most often sought coverage for those sectors. Additionally, it covers product withdrawals and recalls. CNA was rated A by AM Best and A+ by Standard & Poor’s.

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD is rated A++ by AM Best and A.A. by Standard & Poor’s, indicating it is financially sound. It includes manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and resorts and golf resorts. Additionally, endorsements and adaptations for specific industries are available. This general liability insurance provider has a $6 million aggregate limit. Discounts on premiums are provided based on the age and health of the insured’s building, the amount of expertise of the insured’s personnel, and the care, state, and kind of properties covered.

When picking a general liability insurance provider, it is beneficial to research, shop for and compare rates, and make a selection based on your company’s needs.