Top wireless security system companies in the USA and their charges

Top wireless security system companies in the USA and their charges

Wireless security systems operate through your existing WiFi signal to create a seamless operation of home protection. Some key advantages of a wireless security system are eliminating bulky wires, and the wireless security system will work even in the event of a power outage through a backup battery. These systems are, therefore, less susceptible to interference or interruption. A few of the top companies that deal in wireless security systems in the USA are as follows:

Ring Alarm
Ring Alarm is a leader in wireless security systems. In addition to the regular devices in your starter system, you can get entry sensors, motion sensors, keypad, and base station. These can be used or incorporated into existing security products such as video doorbells, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and security lights that pop up when someone enters your porch. You can opt for round-the-clock protection at just $10 per month through the Ring Protect Plus plan. You can integrate your home security devices with Amazon Smart Assistant so that you can easily control them. The home security costs range from $199 to $599 for the equipment and a monthly monitoring fee of $10.

This company offers a comprehensive home security solution with no annual contract; you can go month to month with a cost as low as $15. The devices are DIY and have entry, motion, and SimpliSafe hi-definition indoor cameras. Simplisafe is affordable and offers professional monitoring. You can download the video clips from Simpli cameras, arm and disarm your system, and see the activity from the various sensors around the house on your mobile.

Cove offers top-of-the-line equipment with a personal touch through real support. The wireless security systems offered are installed by a professional representative of the company. They pre-program your entire system and streamline it from the moment it is set up in your home. They walk you through the whole process, and you can call Cove through the security panel itself. They have live assist and insta text in case of emergency and provide contact with the appropriate authorities. You can even sign up for a month at a time, which costs as low as $15.

Vivint is smart, secure, automated, and compressive. It provides the best overall experience. The representatives here are polite and efficient. You get a smart panel that you can place anywhere in your home. They provide an indoor and outdoor camera and thermostat. Vivint has a mobile application to integrate all the installed devices. Vivint’s home security system monthly cost ranges from $30 to $50.

This company is a respected name in burglary and fire safety and has been in the home security business for 145 years. You can customize their wireless security systems and choose from options such as entry sensors, motion sensors, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, and video doorbells. They also provide medical pendant emergency access, which can be helpful for the elderly. The home security system cost for ADT ranges from $37 to $53 per month.

The company aims at total life safety. In addition to entry and motion sensors, it also has environmental sensors, including water, fire, and even medical alert devices. Alder has been noted to have a quick response time of 3 seconds. It offers free installation, and if you move to another location, all equipment is provided free of charge. The estimated monthly monitoring cost ranges from $40 to $55.

Frontpoint is a full home security automation solution with easy DIY installation. It has an impressive array of smart home features and equipment. This includes burglary protection, such as entry and motion sensors and indoor cameras. Frontpoint also offers environmental protection, such as smoke detectors, CO detectors, and flood water sensors. It has automatic door locks and smart lights. The home security system monthly cost for Frontpoint ranges from $45 to $50.

With this detailed information about wireless security systems, you should choose one that meets your security needs and budget easily.