Top pest control services in the country and their prices

Top pest control services in the country and their prices

If you’re dealing with a bug problem in your home, you need to contact a firm offering pest control services at the earliest. Pests are always a nuisance and cause big infestations quite quickly which can be difficult and costly to get rid of. Hence, urgency is necessary. Here are a few of the top companies offering pest control services in the country.

This is a company that features among the best for pest control services. Orkin offers a wide range of services that can help you treat and get rid of different kinds of pests. This includes treatments for bed bugs, mosquitos, carpenter ants and fleas and ticks. It also offers termite treatments. Other services provided by this firm are lawn treatments, moisture control and attic insulation. With a 30-day money-back guarantee you can rest assured that the results will be the best. As the price of services offered by this firm varies depending on your location it might be better to contact them through their website or on the phone for a quote.

Massey Services
The pest control services of this company is available in Florida and 103 locations throughout the United States. Those on a tight budget will find the services provided quite reasonably priced. In addition to pest control, the other services that you can avail of with this firm are mosquito service and landscaping services. For quarterly pest control services, you would need to pay $120-$150 for the first visit and then $80-$95 for visits after that.

Arrow Exterminators
In addition to the usual pest control services for treating fire ants, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, etc., this company also offers wildlife control. This service includes the management of bats, snakes, squirrels, raccoons and any other animal that could be causing damage to your home. They also provide moisture control, lawn care and general handyman services. Environmentally conscious individuals should know that this firm is GreenPro certified. You would need to contact the company for a quote as this would be based on the free home inspection.

Truly Nolen
Those worried about the effect of the chemicals used for pest control on your health or the health of your pet then this is a company that you should choose. Truly Nolen uses natural insect repellents that are effective in getting rid of pests without causing any impact on your health. Some of the services offered are rodent control, termite control, lawn care and insulation. The Four Seasons Pest Control Service offered by the firm includes four visits in a year. An initial visit would cost about $275 and $38 a month for a home with an area of 2000 sq. ft. in the area of San Antonio, Texas.

This company is known for the excellent termite service that it offers. However, in addition to termites, it also offers services that can help you to get rid of bed bugs, mosquitos and ticks from your home. The services offered by this firm are available in 45 states. You can easily get a quote from this firm online. An initial visit could cost you about $129 and every quarterly visit after that would be charged at about $109 each. These charges are for a home in Austin, Texas and with an area of about 3,999 sq. ft.

Aptive Environmental
Based in Provo, Utah, this company is known for its customer service. It claims to use environmentally friendly pest prevention methods. The firm also gives back to the community by collecting donations for mosquito nets and treatments to get rid of mosquitos for people in Latin America, Africa and the Caribbean. For services in the Austin Texas area, the company charges around $249 for the first visit and $135 for all visits after that.

These top companies offer the best pest control services in the country, you can contact them or any other firm in your area for an inspection or quote at the earliest.