Top 7 roof replacement companies

Top 7 roof replacement companies

To boost comfort and maintain a property, most people carry out or engage the services of various home improvement companies. When the roof of a structure gets damaged due to environmental or other conditions, roof replacement becomes necessary. This process requires skilled labor; hence, opting for a professional installer is important to increase the roof’s durability and prevent future disasters.

Here are some of the best home improvement companies that excel in roof replacement:

CMR Construction & Roofing

This roof replacement firm, established in 1989, aims to provide relief to those affected by various kinds of natural disasters. The brand provides a diverse range of services that includes everything from roofing repairs and roof replacements to new building installations for residential and commercial spaces. The company uses a diverse range of materials, including asphalt single, wood shake, slate, and more, to cater to individual needs. Its customer service team helps to provide quotes and assists in processing insurance claims when the roof damage is a covered loss.

Tecta America

Tecta America is another popular name for commercial roofing when it comes to roof replacement. The company offers its services across 85 locations and deals with new construction, maintenance, and more. This brand also works with multiple types of roofing materials and systems, including concrete, single ply, and metal. It also provides environmental systems such as green roofing, daylighting, and solar panels. The organization provides 24×7 customer service and has a disaster response team that acts instantly to undertake necessary repairs quickly and efficiently in case of a natural calamity. The repair cost depends on the kind of material used and the area that needs to be covered.

RoofConnect National Roofing Services

This roof replacement firm, set up in 2002, offers its services across the country. The brand deals in replacing damaged roofs and re-roofing, repairing leaks, maintenance, and coating roofs across multi-housing and commercial properties. The organization also provides a 24×7 emergency team that provides help in a natural disaster. The team provides support for insurance claims as per rules.


Lowe’s is a brand that assists in hassle-free roof installation and repairs among roof replacement providers. The company offers its service at multiple locations in the country. It also provides financial help for qualified homeowners. Customers can book its services online or via the provided phone number. Lowe’s offers a warranty of two years on labor. This warranty is extendable for up to 25 years on payment of an extra charge. The professionals here are trained, verified, and licensed so that customers can enjoy safety and value for money.

Baker Roofing Company

Baker Roofing Company is one of the top roof replacement providers that has been in business for a long time. The brand offers its services to both commercial and residential properties. It also provides roof maintenance programs that educate about the leak investigation, preventive maintenance, warranty services, and installation. This organization installs all types of roofing, such as asphalt shingle, clay tile, slate, metal, and cedar.

Empire Roofing

Empire Roofing is another noteworthy roofing solution provider, which started business operations in 1982. The organization provides a diverse range of services, including replacements, roof inspections, roof covers, metal roofing, extended roof maintenance, property management, skylight repairs, and coating. This brand also specializes in the modification of roof structures and waterproofing.

Cost of roofing

There are diverse kinds of roof replacement options available. The cost of each type of replacement depends on several factors, which include the environment, the extent of damage, labor costs, and material used. Usually, asphalt shingles for a 2200 square feet home can cost $2500 or more, and a home of the same dimension using roofing material stone can cost $20,000 or more.

If you need to get your roof done, ensure to go with a licensed professional. Also, compare the quotes of two or three firms to get the best price.