Commercial cleaning services – Popular companies, costs and features

Commercial cleaning services – Popular companies, costs and features

As a business owner, your office space must be regularly cleaned to avoid permanent damage or staining in the area. Also, the space has to be employee-friendly. And that’s where professional services come into the picture. Commercial cleaning businesses offer services that ensure the office premises are hygienic and safe with the help of professional tools and technicians. The skilled professionals help remove deeper dirt, allergens, dust, and pathogens, leaving your workspace clean and hygienic.

So, the following are some of the best office cleaning service providers in the country who take care of all your needs.

Anago cleaning systems
Anago cleaning systems services is one of the best commercial cleaning service providers in the country. They have enough experience in cleaning daycares, schools, gyms, commercial offices, restaurants, fitness centers, etc. They offer flexible cleaning services throughout the day. You can schedule the timing according to your requirement. The average cost of cleaning is around $10 per square foot. Moreover, this company’s services are covered under an insurance policy for property damage, workers compensation, among others. You can go through the company’s website for more details.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners
This company is a professional commercial cleaning company that offers all types of commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning, commercial window cleaning, restaurant cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, church cleaning, etc. The company has 16 years of cleaning experience in the industry. The average cleaning charges offered range anywhere between $0.7 and $0.15 per square foot. The average commercial cleaning price per hour is around $75. The prices are influenced greatly by the kind of service you avail.

Apple Corps Cleaning Services
This is also one of the most popular commercial cleaning services in the country. The team, generally referred to as Apple Corps Staff, takes note of your requirements and carefully curates a cleaning plan according. They further execute the plan with skilled professionals and the right tools. In case you are not satisfied with the commercial cleaning service provided by this company, you can contact the team again. You can check their official websites for quotes for the services they offer.

Bonus Commercial Cleaning Service
The company has a record of getting facilities clean while taking care of the environment. The franchisees of this company also practice green cleaning procedures while taking care of commercial cleaning. It is the largest commercial cleaning company in the world. The cost of commercial cleaning here is competitive. The company delivers quality cleaning services and caters to offices, retails, entertainment venues, industrial and manufacturing units, educational institutes, and healthcare institutes.

Average cost estimate of the best commercial cleaning businesses
Here is an estimated cost of the best office cleaning service providers in the country. The cost of an office cleaning service ranges from $0.09 to $0.17 per square foot. For example, in case you wish to get a 40,000 square foot office building cleaned, you need to pay $0.05 to $0.12 per square foot.

The hourly cost of office cleaning is somewhere around $52 to $113 per hour. There are some factors that might affect the cost of commercial cleaning. The size of the space, the amount of cleaning, the timings, the quality, and the quantity of tools and materials required play an important role in deciding the overall cost of the cleaning service.

Clean offices promote a healthy environment and promote great efficiency at work. Post pandemic, cleanliness has become an important factor in both households and offices. So, you cannot ignore the importance of getting your commercial space cleaned by one of these above-mentioned commercial cleaning businesses or office cleaning service providers. Once you have narrowed down your options, you can easily compare their services in terms of their offerings, convenience, and costs. Make sure you read their guidelines and thoroughly check their credibility and quality of work through online and offline references.