Leading water damage repair companies

Leading water damage repair companies

Water damage can be harmful to both property and health. It can lead to the growth of mold and cause serious structural issues. There are many leading water damage repair services in the country that help mitigate water damage and restore your property and belongings. These companies survey the damage, quote a repair cost, and, on approval, conduct comprehensive repair work. Read on to choose one of the best ones on the list.

Founded in 2001, PuroClean has earned the trust of property owners, insurance professionals, and home service providers throughout the country. PuroClean has highly skilled restoration professionals who work to eliminate the problem as efficiently as possible. The company uses the PuroClean QuickDry System that helps restore the property in the shortest time possible. The company also runs a 24/7 operation to solve any emergency water damage situation.

ServiceMaster Restore
ServiceMaster Restore is one of the leading water damage repair services in the country. The company excels in fast water damage mitigation, restoring the property at the earliest. It offers a comprehensive range of services like roof leaks, broken water heaters, flooded basement, leaking pipes, contaminated water, and sewage backups. They have certified technicians with decades of field experience who use proven water remediation techniques at every step to remove moisture and promote effective drying. They are available 24/7, providing emergency water damage repair services.

Restoration 1
Restoration 1 provides a full range of property restoration services for residential and commercial clients. The company uses advanced and innovative practices to ensure your property is back to its habitable and original state. You can call them 24/7 on their helpline. Trained and skilled restoration professionals will be on their way to conducting the necessary water removal services.

This leading water damage repair company has over 50 years of experience. A quick call to the ServPro helpline will help you get damage repair and restoration. The professionals here assess the water damage to your property and develop a water damage restoration plan to help ensure your home is clean, dry, and restored. ServPro uses advanced equipment to detect hidden moisture and extract standing water while minimizing downtime.

AdvantaClean is a name you can count on when you are looking for water damage restoration services. For over 25 years, this leading water damage repair company, through its fast and reliable services, has been keeping homes and businesses safe. The company provides quality water damage restoration services using cutting-edge technology and methods to fix the problem at the root. Call AdvantaClean for 24/7 emergency services, and a team of certified professionals specializing in emergency water damage restoration will be on their way.

Cost estimate of water damage repair services
The average cost can typically range from $1000 to $5000. However, this cost will vary depending on the source of the problem and the extent of the damage. The cost can run as low as $150 for minor remediation to as high as $20000. Minor water damage is less expensive than extensive issues. To keep your costs down, you should seek the help of a water damage repair service immediately. The sooner the drying and restoration process begins, the lesser the damage. Other factors that could have an impact on the cost of water damage repair services are as follows:

Type of water
Depending on the type of water, the water extraction prices per sq. ft. can range from $3.75 to $7. Clean water is the easiest to extract and is less costly. Gray water and black water are difficult to clean and are the most expensive.

Extent of water damage
If only moisture has to be tackled, drying out the area can be quick and less expensive. Extensive water damage that requires both clean-up and repairs will increase the cost of water damage repair services. For instance, you might need to pay $35 to $45 per sq. ft. for gray water extraction, drying, and repairs of the walls and ceiling.

Water damage can create havoc on your property. It is best to fix the issue sooner than later. Make sure to choose a company that can address your specific needs and restore your property quickly and efficiently.